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Dear Wolf (The Harbor Pack Series Book 1) by [Keck, Laurie]

Publisher: Coastal Escape Publishing
Genres: Paranormal, Romance Suspense
Length: 102 pages


“We all have something inside us we are fighting. Some have the primitive beast while some are just beasts without it.” ~ Jillian Turner.

Jillian Turner is exactly as her name suggests. She turns, and she is the youngest in a family of wolf shifters. She has found it difficult to embrace what her family refers to as their gift. To her, it has been a curse. From an early age, she’s kept her inner wolf deep down inside. After the loss of their parents, she and her brothers perceive the wolf differently. Jillian feels it to be as misunderstood as she. She also has a love of deer and believes it to be her animal spirit guide, which only contributes to shredding the family further apart. More like the woodland creature, a loner and a dreamer, Jillian begins to hide in the shadows and, in doing so, has learned to manipulate both the light and shade to her own needs.

Jack Malone was raised in the shadow of an abusive father. After an accident that killed both his mother and his younger sister, things became more violent and occurrences more frequent. Planning to move out of his childhood home right after graduation, he makes a last trip with his two best friends to the mountainous region of North Carolina. It is there that they plan to relax and be one with nature. And it is there that things go terribly wrong. They become one with nature. However, for one, it is much more than they bargained for.

When Jillian meets Jack ten years later, each has been harboring feelings and secrets. However, each will have to come to terms with the other’s past, as well as their own, if they are to ever survive in the life they hope to make for themselves. Can they accept the mistakes that have been made, or will one, or both, retreat back into the shadows?

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Laurie Keck lives on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She frequently visits the beach with her two small dogs, and enjoys quiet time in natural surroundings. As much as Laurie enjoys the ocean, she is equally at home amidst the forest and wildlife. Her passion is writing stories about love, romance, and fantasy. She is also a certified card reader and Angel intuitive. You can learn more about Laurie and her work, at


Throwback Thursday: Intuition by Kate Allenton #Suspense #RomanceBooks #Kindle @KateAllenton


A woman hell bent on keeping secrets. A man digging for the truth. A passion they can’t fight.


Publisher: Coastal Escape Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 287 pages


A family secret of special abilities has Café Owner, Emma Bennett, running for her life from a deranged psychopath bloodthirsty for revenge. Can she keep her growing desire and secrets hidden from the one man sent to protect her or will misplaced trust cost her not only her heart, but her life too?

While on vacation, bodyguard and business owner, Jake Donavan, was shocked to find out his old Military friend, Mike Bennett has three beautiful sisters. His impromptu visit was definitely starting to look up. When Mike needs him to keep Emma safe for just one night after a failed attempt on her life, fate steps in and changes his life forever. Keeping his hands off the curvy brunette is a challenge he’s not sure he can win. He’ll use all of his skills and resources necessary to make sure the little spitfire stays safe and sound in his arms, right where she belongs.

They may just discover more than they bargained for.

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Kate Allenton

Kate is a USA Today Bestselling Author who has lived in Florida for most of her entire life. She enjoys a quiet life with her husband, Michael and two kids.

Kate has pulled all-nighters finishing her favorite books and also writing them. She says she’ll sleep when she’s dead or when her muse stops singing off key.

She loves creating worlds full of suspense, secrets, hunky men, kick ass heroines, steamy sex and oh yeah the love of a lifetime. Not to mention an occasional ghost and other supernatural talents thrown into the mix.

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Throwback Thursday: Tiger’s Claim by Kenna McKay #ScottishRomance #ContemporaryRomance #shifters #TBT @AuthorKMcKay @CoastalReads


Publisher: Coastal Escape Publishing
Genres: Highland Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal
Themes: shifter (other), pregnancy romance
Length: short story

Tiger shifter, Brochan Kinley, is tired of waiting for his destined mate, but maybe asking his current girlfriend to marry him wasn’t the best idea – especially when she leaves him standing at the altar! But despite how much that messes with his mind, it doesn’t excuse what he does next.

Fenella Sinclair didn’t mean for things to go so far, but she’s always admired the beta of the local ambush. She’s been infatuated with him ever since she saw him shift several years ago, and doesn’t care if he claims she’s too young for him. But her one moment of stupidity has consequences.

When Brochan realizes Fenella is carrying his cub, he knows he should step up and do the right thing, but he’s still feeling the sting of her sister’s rejection. What’s a tiger to do when everything he’s ever wanted is within his grasp if only he’d dare to reach for it?


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Her hand caressed her belly. What would it be like to have Brochan’s child? Would they become one big, happy family? Or would he be appalled that he’d gotten his ex-fiancée’s baby sister pregnant? If the snores coming from him were any indication, he’d already passed out for the night. What if he didn’t remember what happened between them? She’d just die of embarrassment if the most magical night of her life could be so easily dismissed by the man she’d always adored.

Fenella put herself back together, gave Brochan one last lingering look, then headed out. She drove home quickly, wanting to shower and assess the situation a bit more. When she pulled into her driveway, she was more than a little surprised to see Iona’s car parked outside. Her sister should have been far from this area by now. At the very least, they should have stayed in Inverness overnight and continued on to Glasgow in the morning.

She stepped inside the house and followed the sounds to Iona’s bedroom, where she found her sister stuffing everything she owned into the boxes scattered around the room. The room was in complete chaos, with clothes and purses tossed about, her books dumped haphazardly into a box by the door, and wads of newspaper scattered across the bed as Iona wrapped her breakables.

“What are you doin’?” Fenella asked.

Iona startled and looked up. “I didnae hear you come in.”

“Obviously. But that disnae tell me what you’re doin’.”

“Packing. Alec disnae want to come back here for a while, at least, no’ until Brochan is over my leaving him at the altar like that. Did you explain to him why I had to leave?”

Fenella folded her arms over her chest. “Aye. It was so great of you to leave me with the task of telling your fiancé that you no longer wanted to marry him. On your wedding day!” she screamed. “Jilting him the way you did was tasteless and cruel. You’d obviously known for a while that you had feelings for Alec. Why’d you wait so long to tell Brochan that you wouldnae marry him? Why no’ stop things before they got so far?”

Iona looked chagrined. “I didnae know what to say to him, and I wasnae certain how Alec felt. He sought me out this mornin’ and told me he didnae want to live without me. He proposed and everything.” She held up her hand, flashing a diamond easily twice the size of the one Brochan had given her.

Suddenly, it all made sense to Fenella. She hated to think ill of her sister, but it was obvious to her that marrying Alec had nothing to do with love and everything to do with his bank account. Iona had always been obsessed with owning the best of everything, and now she’d found a man who could provide that for her, far better than Brochan ever could. The sexy tiger was well-off by town standards, but he didn’t make nearly as much as Alec apparently did. And appearances were everything to Iona. She’d always wanted to grow up and be someone important. Little did she realize that had she remained with Brochan, she would have been the beta’s mate. Maybe there was a reason he’d never told Iona about himself. Maybe deep down, he’d always known how shallow she was.

“Leave your keys when you go,” Fenella said. “You already signed the house over to me when you planned to marry Brochan, and once you have your belongings boxed up and in your car, I want you out of here. Forever. I cannae condone what you did to Brochan today, but I can say I’m very glad he didnae marry you.”

Iona snorted. “That’s because you’ve had a crush on him since you first met him all those years ago. You were barely more than a teen when Brochan first came into our lives, and still in university when I started dating him. He didnae want a child for his girlfriend, and he willnae want a child now. Brochan needs a woman, something you willnae be for a long while yet. You have a lot of growing up to do, Fenella. The world is no’ all sunshine and roses like you seem to think.”

“I’ve never thought of the world that way, Iona, but you’ve always been too self-absorbed to think about anyone but yourself, much less consider my thoughts and feelings on anything. If you’d truly cared about me at all, you’d never have dated Brochan. I told you after that first meeting that it was love at first sight, and even before you started dating him, I told you those feelings had grown. But you didnae care. You only cared about yourself.”

“It disnae matter any longer. I’m gone. But donae think you can get Brochan to ever feel anything for you. He knows what it’s like to be with a real woman, and he willnae want to be with someone as inexperienced as you.”

It was on the tip of her tongue to tell her bitchy sister that she’d already been with Brochan and had consoled him in every way possible tonight, but something held her back. Iona was unpredictable and Fenella couldn’t be certain what she would do when faced with that situation. In her sister’s world, men worshiped the ground Iona walked on and never looked at another woman again. She didn’t realize that people moved on once they realized how selfish, shallow, and bitchy her sister could be. Truthfully, Fenella couldn’t understand why Brochan had stayed with her for so long, much less asked Iona to marry him.

Then again, he was a sweet man and probably only saw the good in people. She chewed on her lower lip. Well, maybe not all people. As beta of his ambush, it was his responsibility to dole out the punishment when someone did something wrong. He couldn’t be sweet and loving all the time, so she knew there was a harder, tougher side to Brochan. It didn’t mean he had a clue when it came to women though. Men saw a pretty face and little else mattered, especially if they were getting laid.

“Mark my words,” Iona said. “In less than week, he’ll be whoring around again, tossing up whatever skirt walks past him. Any skirt but yours.” She smirked. “You’ll never be good enough for the likes of Brochan Kinley. He’ll always be too much man for you.”

The words hurt, but Fenella buried them deep. Fighting the urge to flip off her sister, she turned and headed toward her room, firmly shutting and locking the door behind her. Her shower would have to wait because she refused to step foot outside of her room until her horrible sister was gone. This time for good. That was one set of taillights Fenella couldn’t wait to see. If Iona never darkened her door again, it would be too soon.


Tiger’s Claim is book 3 in the Highland Shifters series. Each book can be read as a stand alone, even though you may enjoy the series more if they are read in order.


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Kenna McKay is a lover of all things Scottish—especially men in kilts! There’s just something sexy about Scotsmen. The Scottish burr, perhaps? Their rugged good looks? Maybe it’s not just one thing, but everything combined into one mouthwatering package.

Kenna didn’t start out wanting to be a writer, but she’s loved the written word for as long as she can remember. Writing stories from a young age, it wasn’t until 2014 that she decided she wanted to be a published author.

Kenna loves to interact with her fans! You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.  To hear about new releases, please sign-up for her newsletter.

Kenna’s Favorite…
Book – Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks
Movie – Labyrinth
Band – The Munros
Color – Purple
Flower – Yellow Roses
Drink – Coffee
Perfume – Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Sexy Saturday: My Billionaire Boss by Alexis Duvall #ContemporaryRomance #EroticRomance





Publisher: Coastal Escape Publishing
Genres: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Length: Novella

Self-made billionaire, and boss extraordinaire, Sebastian Montcrief is all I think about. He’s even haunting my dreams now, leaving me aching and hungry for his touch. But as long as I’ve been at Bellmont Enterprises, I’ve started to despair of Sebastian ever seeing me as anything other than an employee.

Then Andrew Montcrief came along. He’s convinced his cousin wants me, but I’m not so sure. Still, I’m willing to give anything a try if it means I’ll have Sebastian’s attention, even if I have to pretend to date Andrew to get it.

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Sebastian closed the door behind us and slid the bolt home. Gently, he traced the contours of my face with his fingers and swept my hair behind my ear. His touch sent shivers down my spine and my nipples tightened. He kissed me again, his lips demanding as he drank from mine.

I felt his fingers unbutton my blouse and my heart beat wildly in my chest. He tugged the shirt free from my skirt, letting it slide down to pool on the carpeted floor. My heated skin was humming, waiting for his next touch. The zipper on my skirt rasped and then it slipped over my hips to fall at my feet. Standing before him in nothing but my lacy white bra and matching thong, I shivered in anticipation.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said hoarsely. “Not even in my wildest fantasy did I imagine that you looked this perfect.”

“I’m not perfect.”

“You are to me.”

I smiled and led him down the hall to my bedroom. Stopping beside the bed, I slowly undressed Sebastian, exposing his tantalizing flesh one inch at a time. I kissed and licked my way down his abdomen. When I reached his pants, I unfastened his belt and slid it from the loops, dropping it on the floor with a thump. With my eyes on his, I slowly unzipped his pants. I gasped in surprise when I saw that he’d gone commando for the day and with a smile, I leaned forward and licked the drop of pre-cum from the head of his cock.

Sebastian hissed in a breath and ran his fingers through my hair. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock before slowly sucking him into my mouth, easing my lips down the long, hard length of him. He was so large he filled my mouth and slid down the back of my throat. I pulled back until just the head of his cock was in my mouth before swallowing him down again. I sucked and licked and teased until I wasn’t sure who was more turned on, him or me.

He pulled me to my feet and kicked his pants aside. With infinite tenderness, he removed my bra and thong, his eyes devouring me. The look in his eyes had my pussy dripping wet. His look promised so much.

“This isn’t what I wanted for our first time together,” he said. “I wanted candles, flowers… romance.”

“All I want is you, Sebastian. Just give me you.”

With a grin, he eased me down onto the bed and settled his body over mine. “Tell me what you want, Zoey. I’ll give you anything you want; all you have to do is ask for it.”

“I want you to lick my pussy.”

He growled and settled between my legs, his shoulders pushing them wide. His tongue licked my slit and my legs opened wider of their own volition. Parting the lips of my pussy, he lapped at me, his tongue stroking across my clit slowly. I squirmed, wanting more.

“You taste so sweet, Zoey.”

His tongue dipped inside of me before he sucked my clit into his mouth. Stars exploded as my orgasm tore through me. He lapped at my juices, drinking down my essence.

When I lay trembling beneath him, he rose over me again. I gripped his arms as he thrust inside of me, his cock filling me completely. I’d never felt so full, or so wonderful in all my life. As he pulled out and slid back in, hard and fast, I gasped and closed my eyes in delight. He began pistoning in and out of me, driving both of us closer and closer to the brink. Every stroke made me mindless with pleasure. My whole body felt like it was tingling, reaching for something more. I clutched at his shoulders feeling so very close. He plunged into me one last time, spilling himself inside of me, triggering my orgasm.



Alexis Duvall has been writing stories all her life. She was first published in 2010, but that story is now out of print. Writing is a passion, however, and one that couldn’t be ignored for long. These days, you’ll find Alexis either with her nose in a book, or sitting at her computer writing about sexy heroines and the alpha males they can’t help but love. She has a fondness for writing about billionaires and bikers, with a possible stepbrother thrown in here and there for good measure.

She’s often asked where she gets her inspiration…from her very own hero of course! A first responder, her husband is center of her world and she’d be lost without him. They’ve been married for over fifteen years and have two wonderful children together. With kids and a husband underfoot, it’s hard to find writing time, but somehow she manages. Fueled by iced mochas, Alexis stays up writing into the wee hours of the morning, until the sentences stop making sense and she has to force herself to stop.





Sexy Saturday: Sexy & Kilted by Kenna McKay #ScottishRomance #shifters @AuthorKMckay




Publisher: Coastal Escape Publishing
Genres: Contemporary, Paranormal, Highland Romance
Themes: shifter (other), curses
Length: short story

Cool Text - Only 099 278163158494064

Tiger shifter, Fergus Macleod, had thought he’d found his mate, only to have the woman dump him for a laird. But if Elspeth wasn’t his destined mate, who is? At thirty-seven, he’s getting a little old to be waiting around for Mrs. Right. Now that his brother, the alpha, is settled, Fergus wants a mate more than anything.

Robina Bruce has not had an easy life. The night her father sells her to pay off a debt, she thinks her life is over. But then something wonderful happens…she’s rescued by a knight-in-sexy-kilt. Robina will do anything to repay Fergus, and not just because the Highlander rescued her. Robina has a secret she was told to never share with anyone, but there’s just something about Fergus that makes her trust him.

When Fergus and Robina divulge their secrets, will it be a match made in heaven or will it drive the two apart?


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Fergus lavished her with attention and this incredible need built inside of Robina. She’d heard stories before, had read romances, but until that moment, she’d never believed a word of it. Her body felt like it was on fire and she knew that only Fergus could quench the flames. And yet everything he did seemed to make the fire burn brighter and stronger. His touch was gentle, his kisses sweet. He worshiped her body until she thought she might explode.

“Fergus, I need more,” she whispered. She knew enough to know what went where, and she could only hope that once he was inside of her, the ache growing inside would ease.

“Are you sure you’re ready, Robina? I ken it’s going to hurt the first time, and I donae wish to hurt you.”

“Now, Fergus. I need you now.”

He kissed her hungrily as he settled between her legs. She felt his cock brush against her wet folds and gasped against his mouth as he began easing inside of her. It burned as he stretched her, filled her, but he took his time. He’d push forward a little, then retreat, then push forward a little more, until he was finally seated all the way inside of her. She hurt, but it wasn’t as bad as she’d feared.

When he started moving inside of her, the pain began to lessen and pleasure swept over her once more. The flames came back, engulfing her from head to toe, as each stroke drove her higher and higher, pushing her toward something she’d never felt before. Her body tightened, prepared for something wonderful, and then she cried out as her release broke, ecstasy filling her. She felt euphoric! Alive! And well-loved.

Fergus drove into her harder and deeper, her body squeezing him tightly, until he gave his own cry and came inside of her. Robina held him tight, praying with all her might that they had created a child together. It was the only thing that could possibly make her world even brighter in this moment.



Kenna McKay is a lover of all things Scottish—especially men in kilts! There’s just something sexy about Scotsmen. The Scottish burr, perhaps? Their rugged good looks? Maybe it’s not just one thing, but everything combined into one mouthwatering package.

Kenna didn’t start out wanting to be a writer, but she’s loved the written word for as long as she can remember. Writing stories from a young age, it wasn’t until 2014 that she decided she wanted to be a published author.

Kenna loves to interact with her fans! You can find her on Twitter and Facebook!  Be sure to sign-up for her newsletter!

Kenna’s Favorite…
Book – Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks
Movie – Labyrinth
Band – The Munros
Color – Purple
Flower – Yellow Roses
Drink – Coffee
Perfume – Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf




Throwback Thursday: Reckless Abandon by Kate Allenton #Suspense #RomanceBooks #TBT

Publisher: Coastal Escape Publishing
Genres: Romantic Suspense, Paranormal


Super soldier Jamie Bloom has been through hell and back. Fighting bad guys was an every other day occurrence in her line of work with the other Phantom Protectors that she calls family. Manipulating emotions and healing powers had been a bonus…until now. When Lydia, the group visionary, predicts that finding the answers to Jamie’s past is the only way to save the group from certain demise, there was only one thing she could do to find the answers they needed. It wasn’t fear of fighting the deranged lunatics that scared her the most, it was finding the answers she’d been searching for all of her life that might be the one thing that finally puts her in a grave.

Bodyguard and family friend, Maxwell Briggs was assigned with one duty and one duty only; which was to guard Lydia Bennett, the Phantoms visionary, from attack. When Lydia has a vision that jeopardizes not only her safety but everyone’s in the unit, there’s only one thing to do…stop the threat before it stops them. Working among the gifted group without powers of his own is a challenge most days. But when they needed his natural gift to help Jamie complete her mission, he’ll stop at nothing to see that she finds what she so desperately desires.

Power hungry, Benjamin Floyd, is known for preying on the weak and taking what he wants. When he sets his sights on Jamie’s gifts, he may just get more than he bargained for from the warrior princess.

The war is just beginning!


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Psychic medium Quinn Thatcher would never be classified as normal. Just ask her mother. Her people-pleasing skills could use some work, which is why Quinn prefers working with the dead over the living. Ghosts take her as she is, but when people experience Quinn’s sharp tongue and sassy attitude, there is no in between. They either love her or want to throw her off the nearest bridge, with the latter being more typical. Good thing she knows how to swim.

When dealing with an annoying ghost, an emerald worth a small fortune, and a sexy-as-hell Highlander, what could possibly go wrong? Quinn is about to find out just how deadly the combination can be.


She’s a psychic. He’s a skeptic. Can they overcome their differences to find what matters most?

Psychic Cara Thatcher’s biological clock may be ticking, but not fast enough to look twice at Cooper Cruz when he darkens her doorstep. Any man who shares DNA with her lying, cheating ex is automatically banned from her potential baby daddy sperm donor list. No way is she getting tangled in his mess, no matter how pretty his future offspring might be.

In need of help, FBI Agent Cooper Cruz will do anything to find his sister. Even if that means swallowing his pride to ask for help from the one woman his brother cheated on. If her ability is true, she’s the best chance he’s got to lead him to his sister’s location. Getting Cara to help should have been a piece of cake. He should have realized nothing about this woman would be easy.


She’s his good luck charm. He’s her black cloud.

Ryker Cage is a man of many secrets and fewer words. When he comes to rely on the intuition of the only woman he trusted to help him, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her alive, even if that means saving her against her will.

Harper Thatcher is in over her head agreeing to meet with a man she’s only ever talked to over the phone. She’s not surprised to find the man as sexy as his voice. She should have never agreed to meet. She should have walked away after one glimpse, and she most definitely shouldn’t have let him kiss her.


Psychic medium and amateur spy Grace Thatcher thinks she’s pulling one over on the elusive Sam Stone when she joins his dating agency to learn his corporate secrets, and to assuage her curiosity about the existence of her perfect man—whom she’s decided doesn’t exist.

Sam Stone knows a fraud when he sees one, and Grace Thatcher is a fraud. His background check only confirms his suspicions. When dangers from his past resurface, dealing with a disastrous wedding, a guest-terrorizing ghost, and Grace’s meddling aunt are the least of his worries. He needs to survive long enough to make her realize that he’s found her perfect man; him.


When Psychic Becca Thatcher’s childhood secrets are exposed, keeping her loved ones from the serial killer’s grasp is her only goal. Tracking and finding the killer before he finds her becomes her only priority. To stay alive she must focus, but dodging Ian’s advances while hunting her prey takes more than a little finesse when he decides staying in her home is the only way he can help keep her safe. In a battle of wits and wills, she’s fighting for more than her life. She’s fighting to shield her heart.

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Author Biography

Kate is a USA Today Bestselling Author who has lived in Florida for most of her entire life. She enjoys a quiet life with her husband, Michael and two kids.

Kate has pulled all-nighters finishing her favorite books and also writing them. She says she’ll sleep when she’s dead or when her muse stops singing off key.

She loves creating worlds full of suspense, secrets, hunky men, kick ass heroines, steamy sex and oh yeah the love of a lifetime. Not to mention an occasional ghost and other supernatural talents thrown into the mix.