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Claiming the Virgin is an erotic romance series with young heroines and older heroes. It falls under New Adult romance as well as May/December romance. If you like men who take what they want and damn the consequences, then Claiming the Virgin just might be right for you. This audiobook series is narrated by Miranda Mendius.


Sheriff’s Wanton Virgin


He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and he’s completely forbidden. I’ve been in love with my dad’s best friend since I turned five; he gave me a tiara and called me his little princess. Except, I don’t want to be his princess anymore. I want to be his queen.

I’ve taken a job at the sheriff’s department, just to be under his nose. I’ll wear my shortest skirts and my tightest shirts, and I will do whatever it damn well takes to get the sexy sheriff to notice me. Interoffice romance is frowned upon, but some rules are made to be broken.


When I walked into my office and saw the most luscious ass I’ve ever laid eyes on, the first thing I wanted to do was get under that skirt and inside her as fast as I could. And that’s precisely what I did.

Then her dad showed up and greeted his precious baby girl.

I’m well and truly fucked now. Not only did I claim the virginity of my best friend’s daughter, but I plan to take her again…and again…and again. She may be twenty years younger than me, but damn if I don’t feel eighteen again when Jilly is around.

No cliffhanger, no cheating, dual POV, HEA


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His Virgin Babysitter


I’ve wanted Liam Doherty for as long as I can remember, even when he was married. Maybe it was the Irish accent, or maybe it was just his ripped abs. But now he’s a sexy single dad in need of a babysitter. Is it wrong that when I hold that precious baby I imagine that she’s mine and we’re a family?

But what would an Irish hunk want with a college dropout?


My tongue nearly hit the floor when I opened my front door to the goddess on my porch. And now she’s babysitting for me, and all I can think about is how spectacular she’d look spread across my bed. Watching her with my daughter doesn’t douse my desire even a little. If anything, it just makes me want her more.

But there’s twenty years between us. Why would a sexy little thing like her want an old man like me?

No cliffhanger, No cheating, Dual POV, HEA


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Virgin Under the Mistletoe


Killian Reid. Even saying his name makes my panties damp. He has to be the sexiest man I’ve ever met, even if he is twenty-one years older than me. I’ve been crushing on him since I was fifteen. For six years, my Christmas wish has been for Killian to notice me. I never thought it was possible – until now.


Holy hell. It was supposed to be a quick peck on the lips under some mistletoe, but damn. Little Danika Parker isn’t all that little anymore, with curves in all the right places. I’m pretty sure I’ll be reliving that hot as fuck kiss for a while. This Christmas, the only present I want to unwrap is her.

No cliffhanger, no cheating, dual POV, HEA


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Interview with Narrator Miranda Mendius #interview #narrator #audiobooks @MMendius

For those of you who follow my blog, you may have noticed I’m starting to release a few audiobooks. The fabulous Miranda Mendius has agreed to narrate my Claiming the Virgin series. Book 1, Sheriff’s Wanton Virgin, is available now at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Check out my audiobook page for more details!

I asked Miranda if she’d answer a few questions about what it’s like to be a narrator and she graciously agreed.


What do you love most about narrating audiobooks?

I love getting to be a part of that universe.  I get to meet the characters, explore their world, and be the voice in your head, telling you about all these crazy/scary/wonderful/sexy things.  The words, the feeling, the intention… I get to experience it while I translate it for your ears.


How do you select the books you narrate?

I look for things that interest me, books I’d read anyway.  If I’m interested or entertained it doesn’t feel so much like work and that comes through in the finished audio.  I may be biased, but I also feel like, if that book drew me in, it will draw in others, too.  Of course, I have had to remind myself to read out loud once or twice.


How do you decide on a specific voice and tone for each character?

I take in the whole story first and see who each character is, both as part of the whole and as their independent existence.  Then I put myself in the “headspace” of that character.  Complex, well-developed characters with a back story always bring more to the performance.  It’s not just the words they say, the accent they use; it’s how they’d feel in the moment and why they need to say that.  Then, past the generic male/female and regional differentiations, I try to make the sound of the character become in some way an expression of all the major facets of their life.


Have you ever had a scene that was particularly difficult to narrate? Or one you loved more than others?

I love firsts.  First sight, first kiss, first… you get the idea. I also probably make them the most difficult scenes – because I want to do it right!  That first sets the tone, foundation, and expectation for all the ones that follow.  I want to make sure it’s good, every time, but absolutely amazing the first.  If your frog didn’t turn into a prince, you wouldn’t keep kissing him, right?


Is your studio in your home? Can you tell us a little about your workspace?

My “booth” is in a constant state of improvement, but right now is a little cubby surrounded by acoustic foam and heavy blankets which my friends lovingly refer to as my igloo.  Inside, I have my “fancy” microphone, interface, and a touch-screen monitor (a fabulous upgrade from my clicky keyboard.  My computer, with this ridiculous need to not be the temperature of the sun, has been banished to run its fans outside my recording zone.

I love going in there because everything is soft, even the sound, and the lighting is dim, but warm.  It feels a little like a day spa until I turn on the bright screen and start reading.


What is the longest day you’ve had when narrating a book? Do you try to limit yourself so you won’t damage your voice?

If I’m on a roll, I keep going.  I’ll spend all my waking hours on a book if I don’t have other obligations that day.  If I feel like I’m getting scratchy or clicky, I’ll take a break, have lots of water, and talk myself out of a yogurt (no dairy on recording days!). I don’t set hard limits, I just go with how it feels; if I feel like I’m straining, it’s time for that yogurt and more research, prep, or editing. So far, it works for me.


Can you tell us a little about your current project?

I’m working on another erotica novel by Paige Warren right now and… damn, but I loved this research.  Is there anyone who doesn’t love a sexy accent?  I’ll be honest, it has had me squirming in my seat more than once… for all the best reasons. Paige does a wonderful job of building a story that gets all those warm, fuzzy feelings rolling while spiking deliciously into hot and bothered.  His Virgin Babysitter is a shorter book that would make a great afternoon warm-up to a steamy evening.


Do you remember the first book you narrated? What was that experience like?

Oh geez.  Both wonderful and rough… I had no idea that mouth sounds were such a big thing (hydrate!) and had to re-record huge chunks of it.  Since I did the editing and mastering myself, it probably took me 12-15 hours of work per hour of finished audio and a lot of Google searches happened.  Thank goodness I had a generous deadline!

I loved it, though.  Every damnable second of it.


What is the best advice you received about being a narrator? Do you have advice for others who might be interested in narrating?
  1. Don’t count on editing. The best finished product comes from a high quality raw product.
  2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  3. Seek help – coaching, reviews, and direction will improve what you do. Bonus: finding your narration community is insta-networking!
Are there certain narrators who inspire you?

Andi Arndt is probably the entire reason I wanted to become a narrator in the first place.  I think the first 10+ audiobooks I ever listened to were all narrated by her because I loved both the sound of her voice and the way she could take me out of my head and into the story.

She also had great information on how to develop narration talents on her blog – it pointed me to librivox, which was a great way to start building a foundation

Honorable mentions (in no particular order): Sebastian York, Angela Dawe, Erin Mallon, Will M. Watt, Chalotte Cole, Stephen Dexter, and Shane East


Do you prefer reading books in print or listening to audiobooks?

I love both, but the scale probably tips toward audiobooks just because they let me multitask.  I never had much success listening to music at the gym, but a good audiobook pulls me in and lets me forget that hard exercise feels like volunteering for torture.


When you aren’t narrating, what do you like to do?

Well, clearly, I read a lot and listen to (too many?) audiobooks, but we’ll classify that as “research” and call it work, right? I love to create and I’m a bit of a techie.  My friends say that I have too many hobbies, but learning something new is always high on my list!  I paint, make wine, play music, and tinker with my 3D printer, to name a few.


Bio for Miranda Mendius:

Miranda Mendius is a voice actress/narrator specializing in romance and erotica.  When she’s not falling in love with yet another leading man in her latest read, she can often be found browsing naughty posts on Twitter  scouting the gym for the hottest ass  practicing yoga or upgrading her 3D printer.

Find Miranda @MMendius on Facebook and Twitter.


Be sure to check out the Sample for Sheriff’s Wanton Virgin, narrated by Miranda Mendius!


New audiobook — Ex-Con’s Fake Fiance by Paige Warren #romanticsuspense #Audible #RomanceBooks #NewRelease


An ex-con falsely accused of a crime, Braedan O’Connor has spent the past year in jail. Anxious to get home and start his life over, he’s surprised to find his home inhabited by a rather delectable woman – who’s told the entire town she’s his fiance.

Ainsley hadn’t expected to get caught in the man’s home. Face to face with the handsome stranger, one who makes her senses come alive, she isn’t sure what to expect. Knowing he was in jail frightens her, but her hands aren’t exactly clean either. Just how far is Ainsley willing to take her charade?

No cheating. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.


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  • Narrated by: Elizabeth Meadowood
  • Length: 1 hr and 51 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Release date: 10-06-18
  • Language: English