It’s a Boxing Day sale !


I have some excellent news today! All Romance eBooks is having a Boxing Day sale! Now, not all titles on their site on sale, but it just happens that all of mine are. For today only, you can get them on sale for 25% off! That’s everything from my oldest title, Baby and All, to my newest, Star Spangled Cowboy. The only titles not available during this sale are my Siren Bookstrand titles (Mastering Elodie and Branding Gemma) because they aren’t in the All Romance eBooks store.

All of these, except Star Spangled Cowboy, are marked down to $2.24. Star Spangled Cowboy is marked down to $2.99.

Baby and All – Cowboy Pregnancy Romance

Unexpected Wife – Cowboy Suspense Romance

Texas Twang – Interracial Cowboy Romance

Southern Drawl – Interracial Cowboy Romance

Whispering Dixie – Interracial Cowboy Romance

Star Spangled Cowboy – Interracial Cowboy Romance


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