Eternally Mine – Coming June 24th!

Eternally Mine

by Jessica Coulter Smith
ISBN: 978-1-60521-636-2
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Vampires
Length: Novella


About the Book

Salena Roarke has chosen yet another stellar boyfriend. Running for her life from the enraged Derrick, she collapses outside of a mountain cabin. Little does she realize her savior is a deadly predator, a vampire.

Whittaker longs to be with Salena, but he knows his maker is still out there. Doubting he can keep her safe from the bloodthirsty creature who turned him, he tries to hold her at bay. But once he succumbs to Salena’s charms, he knows his life will be forever changed and he will do anything to keep her safe.

Check out the following Excerpt!

Whittaker smiled. “My name is Whittaker St. James. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Salena.”

Whittaker. Somehow, the name seemed to suit him. She glanced down at the black tee she wore and looked at him questioningly.

“Your dress was soaked through. I’ve washed and dried it if you’d like to change.”

“Yes, thank you.” She looked at the floor. It was obvious the two of them were alone in the cabin, yet she couldn’t help but ask the question weighing heavy on her mind. “Did you change my clothes?”

He cleared his throat and looked somewhat embarrassed. “Yes. It was either that or take a chance on you coming down with pneumonia.”

She nodded and her face flushed. It was one thing to be naked with someone you’d been dating, but another for a complete stranger to see you undressed. Even if you did find him irresistible.

It was one thing to want to be naked with him, and another for him to see you naked while you were out cold. It should have been at least a little bit creepy, but for some reason it wasn’t. There was something about Whittaker, something that seemed familiar. Perhaps they were destined to meet.

He stepped closer. Brushing her hair back behind her ear, he smiled down at her. “I would say that I was a perfect gentleman and didn’t look, but I’m afraid it was impossible not to. Your beauty drew me like a moth to a flame, even if I only caught a glimpse.”

She felt her face burn, yet his words made her hormones surge out of control again. He’d called her beautiful, something not many had done in her life. She was only twenty, but Salena had hoped to experience some sort of grand passion by now. Instead, she had found one mediocre boyfriend after another, until the last one — the homicidal one who’d tried to kill her. I can certainly pick ‘em, she thought.

Whittaker stepped back. “I’ll just, uh, get your dress for you.”

Before Salena could embarrass herself further, her savior left, leaving her alone in the bedroom once more. A bedroom that now had his scent lingering in the air, a scent she recognized. She knew without a doubt that this was his bedroom, and she’d been sleeping on his pillow.

The butterflies in her stomach rioted once more as her thoughts strayed to the bed and the man she desperately wanted. If he had touched her intimately, she knew she would have gone willingly into his arms, probably would have begged him to take her. It was embarrassing to think she was so easy.

While she waited for him to return, she looked out the window at the spectacular view of the mountains. She’d never seen anything so peaceful in her life. Even though bad circumstances had brought her here, she was glad she had met Whittaker.

Find out more by visiting the author at or on her Facebook page! You can also contact her directly at


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