Author Alexis Duvall – guest blogging about her upcoming release!

WARNING: This post is not for those under 18 years of age!

Author Alexis Duvall gives insight into her next release – Bound by Freedom, an erotic short story.  The story was originally set for a summer release, but Alexis was a bit busy getting engaged so her writing took a backseat for a month or two.  However, she’s back on track and hopes to have Bound by Freedom to the editor by the end of summer.  Look for it later this year from Wild Horse Press!

Bound by Freedom pickes up where All Tied Up left off, except the main character is Leah.  Instead of being the one giving all of the pleasure, this time Leah gets a chance to experience pleasure herself.  Meeting a woman in a bar, she accepts the offer to go home with her.  When she arrives at the secluded house, she’s intrigued to find two men and another woman already there – ready and waiting for their final playmate.  As the tables are turned and she’s the one bound for a change, she discovers that Sam is not only into kinky sex, but he’s a Naval Officer.  After a night of no holds barred erotic pleasure, Leah decides to see Sam again, and as the two explore one another’s body’s and desire, they discover that something deeper may lie between them.

Excerpt (X-Rated):

I walked through the door of the bar and was immediately bombarded with loud music and cigarette smoke.  Briskly, I walked to the bar and grabbed an empty barstool between a man and woman in casual dress whites.  I couldn’t really say that Navy uniforms were my favorite, but I did so love a man in uniform – women too for that matter.

Flagging down the bartender, I ordered a chocolate martini and eyed the single gents milling around. I turned on my stool so that I faced the room while I sipped my drink, my dress scrunched up near my hips.  Had my legs not been crossed, the whole room would have gotten a glimpse of my pussy. The thought excited me and I was tempted for a moment to part my legs and see who noticed.

I shifted on the stool and my dress rode up a little further, gaining the attention of several men and one or two women.  I uncrossed my legs a moment and watched as the cock of the man sitting nearly dead center in front of me began to rise. With a smile, I re-crossed my legs and looked around the room.

A moment later, a group of sailors joined me.  The leering looks on their faces promised they were only looking for sex, and quite possibly lots of it. But I wasn’t sure I wanted a bunch of drunken sailor sex.  I was polite, but firm in declining their offer to leave the bar.

It didn’t take long before someone had my attention.  A hand slid up the inside of my thigh and fingers brushed against my pussy. I looked down at the hand and followed up it up to a pair of blue eyes in an elfin face framed by short spiky blonde hair.  The woman smiled at me, her teeth even and white.

“If you’re interested, I have some guys who would love to meet you.”

Her fingers curled, dipping inside of my pussy and brushing against my clit, making me want to open my legs and beg for more.

“Some guys?” I asked in a raspy voice.

“Oh yes.  And another woman.”

My interested was definitely piqued. I turned to face her and spread my legs a little further. She smiled as her thumb brushed over my clit, gently rubbing up and down.  There was no hiding the fact that her hand was under my dress, nor could I hide the fact that my nipples were poking through the front of my white dress.

“Let’s get out of here,” she said, her voice having gone husky.

“I want to come first.”

She smiled and removed her hand and cocked her head toward the back of the bar. Standing, I followed her to the women’s restroom, where she promptly locked the door and pushed me up against the counter.


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