The Ashton Grove Werewolves… a deeper look

Guest Author: Jessica Coulter Smith


For those of you who have been following the Ashton Grove Werewolves series, I’m sure you noticed that book 4 was a little shorter than usual.  I promise there was a method to my madness, and it all has to do with the ending.  Instead of tying up all loose ends like I typically do, I’ve left it open.  As Connor and Colin are brothers, it only seemed fitting that their stories would intertwine, so the end of book 4 blends with the first few chapters of book 5 – setting the stage, so to speak.  At this time, Colin’s story is set for a late fall 2010 or early spring 2011 release.  My publisher for the series is growing in leaps and bounds and has added many wonderful authors, which means they have more releases to plan each year.

Right now, the Ashton Grove series is set up for 8 books, which is another reason the releases are starting to be spread apart a bit more.  The series is already half way over and we don’t want to rush it. Does that mean that book 8 is definitely the end?  Not necessarily.  That’s just as far as I’ve planned for the moment. However, there is a secondary character intriduced in book 4 who just may get his own sequel, possibly even a series devoted to his whacky life.  It’s still brewing in my mind at the moment…

If you’ve visited my author page lately, you know I’ve also started writing YA paranormal romances.  The first one, Heart’s Desire, was released in April 2010.  My next YA, The Demon’s Princess, will be released in October.  It doesn’t mean I’m not still dedicated to my beloved boys in Ashton Grove, I’m just spreading my wings a bit.

Enjoy the Ashton Grove Werewolves?  You might also like the Luna Werewolves series, based in the small (fictional) town of Windsor, Georgia.


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