Guest Author, Julie Kimbrell and “Mr. Irresistible”

Mr. Irresistible came to me after I actually heard someone’s name called over the intercom at Wal-Mart one morning and thought that would be a great way to start a book. To me, the funny thing about the beginning of Mr. Irresistible is that I know everyone that reads it can identify with Kate.

We’ve all stood at that customer service desk at some point, whether it be to return an item or get change for a dollar for your kids to use in the arcade. (I do that a lot). I always seem to get that one clerk/worker that’s mad at the world and hasn’t brushed their teeth or washed their hair in months. They look at you like you’re crazy and make you feel about an inch tall.

Mr. Irresistible was really fun to write. It began to flow once I had the first chapter written. My hero, Gage Morgan, had to be very manly in order to compliment the femininity of Kate Simon. The Harley worked perfectly as well as being the bartender and manager. He had the power and brains. The fact they work together made the conflict stronger and Kate more frustrated.

Of course, I love happy endings so Kate and Gage eventually worke through all their reservations but not before the crash bang ending that will, for sure, surprise the reader. What will happen? Will Gage’s friend find a way to take Kate away? Will Gage lose the bar?

Find out by reading…
Mr. Irresistible
By Julie Kimbrell
Coming Spring 2010
rom Wild Horse Press


Blurb for Mr. Irresistible:

This story is about Kate Simon, a sensible, independent young woman, who’s thrown for a loop when Gage Morgan steps into her life.  She’s not ready for the feelings that result every time they’re together, which is often since she’s helping him run his friend’s new bar.  For some reason, he’s irresistible. Gage is so motivated to make the business successful for his friend, he struggles with his feelings for Kate as well. Does he have time for a relationship? Could it be love?  And what will happen when Gage’s selfish friend, Charlie decides he wants Kate for himself. Can Gage keep his so-called friend from ruining everything?

An unproofed Excerpt:

As Kate Simon pushed her shopping cart down the frozen foods aisle of Duffy’s Grocery, the intercom made an annoyingly loud beep. 

“Kate Simon, please come to the front of the store. Kate Simon, please come to the front of the store,” a woman’s voice blared overhead. 

At first, she felt startled to hear her name blasted throughout the store but immediately she knew what was going on. Slowly, Kate turned the big silver cart around and made her way to the Customer Service Desk at the front of the store. A tall plump woman with greasy hair stood behind the register, with a bored look plastered to her face. When she opened her mouth to speak, Kate noticed there were about three teeth in the woman’s mouth, and cringed at the sight.

“Can I help you?” she asked. 

Kate had a teeth fetish and considered them very important. She believed teeth were the first thing a person noticed about a person and first impressions were everything. Being a dental hygienist, Kate was very judgmental when it came to a person’s mouth. There was no excuse for bad teeth.  Just brush and floss. That’s it.

“I’m Kate Simon,” she told the clerk.

The woman, whose name tag read Ruby, gave Kate a blank stare.

“You have a phone call.” She handed the phone to Kate then crossed her arms and waited. 

Kate’s eight month pregnant sister, Karly happened to be the only one who knew she had gone to the grocery store.  Fear dashed through Kate for a second and she wondered if Karly had gone into labor?

“Hello,” she answered cautiously.

“Kate, I’m so sorry to bother you….”

Kate cut her off.  “Are you okay? Are you going into labor?”

“No, I’m fine. Could you bring me some Rolaids. I’m dying here.”

With an eye roll, she turned her back on Ruby to get a little bit of privacy. “Why didn’t you just call my cell phone?” Kate whispered and relaxed.

“I did,” Karly said, “but you left it here, at my house. I heard it vibrating on top of my dresser.”

Kate fumbled around to check her purse for the phone. It wasn’t there. Then she remembered laying it down while she made the list of things Karly needed her to get at the store.  Karly’s husband, David had gone out of town for a convention and left Karly home alone. He should feel lucky being the dentist, and my boss, or I would’ve unleashed the wrath of Kate on him. What kind of man, with a medical degree, decides to leave his very pregnant wife alone for three days?


visit Julie at her website to find out more!



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