Ashton Grove Werewolves

Ms. Jessica Coulter Smith has a new book coming out this month — Moonlight Guardian — book 3 in her Ashton Grove Werewolves series.  This rather popular series is predominantly about a set of brothers who shapeshift into werewolves, but she has added some delightful secondary characters who will also have a chance to have their stories heard in the near future.

Book Blurb:

Michael Andrews is the last of his brothers to find his mate. He’s played it tough, trying to convince his family that a mate is the last thing he wants, that he enjoys having a different woman every week. In reality, he’s afraid. He wants to find his mate and thinks he may already have, but what if he won’t be a good husband? Maybe he just isn’t made to love someone.

Chloe Stevens is on her last leg. She found a guy she thought was great, only to end up pregnant and have the guy vanish into thin air. Then she lost her job and consequently, her car. Now she’s facing eviction. Five months pregnant, no job, no car, and now no home have forced Chloe to do the one thing she swore she wouldn’t… contact the father of her baby. She may have just been a fling to Michael, but their few days together had meant more to her.

When a pregnant Chloe shows up looking for Michael, he’s stunned to find out that he’s going to be a father. Can he convince the head-strong woman to give him a second chance?

Want to know more?

It turns out there’s a little more to the story… with the author’s permission, I nabbed this from her Facebook page 🙂

Chloe is a very strong woman. She’s used to standing on her own two legs. Needless to say, after having a brief affair with Michael – which she thought of as more – she finds herself pregnant and alone. After losing her job, her car, and her apartment, she’s at her wits end. After much soul searching, she feels she has no other option but to tell Michael about the baby and hope that he’ll lend her a helping hand. Going to him for help goes against everything she believes in as an independent woman, but there are times when you just have to admit defeat.

Michael is surprise to say the least to find out Chloe is pregnant. A cold dose of reality is what he needed to realize his life is lacking something important – a mate and a family of his own. Convincing Chloe to stay by his side isn’t going to be easy, but he knows he has to give it a shot. What he doesn’t count on is a little competition for her affection.

When Kiera and Gabriel throw a party inviting the entire pack to meet Chloe, Ramsey takes the opportunity to get to know the spunky redhead. She might be carrying another werewolf’s child, but she hasn’t been claimed as a mate – yet. Deciding to give Michael a run for his money, Ramsey sets out to win Chloe for himself.

With two men trying to win her heart, Chloe feels more confused than ever. She’d like to believe that Michael has changed, but can she risk her heart and her baby? Ramsey claims to care for her and can offer her and her baby a stable home life. Will that be enough or should she hold out for the all-consuming love that she sees in the couples around her?

What’s next?
The next book in the series is Moonlight Champion, where we get to read about one of the cousins — Connor, who was first introduced in Moonlight Protector when the family was trying to protect Marin.

Blurb of Moonlight Champion:
The last thing Connor expected was to have his mate dumped into his lap, literally. 

After a long day, Connor Tierney decides to kick back at home and relax.  With his beer mid-way to his mouth, there’s suddenly a flash of light and he finds an unconscious woman in his lap.  One look at the bruises covering her small body tells him that she’s in need of rescuing. To make matters even more interesting, he knows right off that she’s his mate.

Aislinn Walsh hasn’t had it easy.  She spends most of her days hiding in romance novels, seeing as how her husband wouldn’t know the meaning of the word.  An abusive alcoholic, he beats her on a regular basis.  During one of his attacks, Aislinn wishes that she could be transported into one of her books, finding her knight in shining armor.  Little did she realize, it would be more like knight in furry armor!


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