From the talented Tamela Quijas….

The lovely Ms. Quijas has two titles she has recently self-published in both ebook and paperback.  You can find her titles on  Be sure to stop by and pick up your copy today!



Blood of the Beast

Detective Valentina Kureyev had been assigned to one of the worst cases of the century. A serial killer haunted the streets, depositing bloodless corpses throughout the section of town known as Little Europe. She hadn’t a clue to the identity of the culprit, as the appearance of more bodies had begun to cause terror and panic. The case was hopeless. The terror was real. As real as Demetri Petronov. The Professor of Russian Antiquities had been targeted with the murderer’s special form of a calling card. Val couldn’t turn away from his offer of aide in the bizarre case, even though he whispered tales of the beast feeding on human blood. He was the primary suspect.


My Lord Raven

….I speak of a love that happens betwixt a man and a woman but once in a lifetime… Dante Burroughs was unaware of the hidden promises whispered in the ancient phrase, or of the dreams that would torment him. Unfulfilled dreams of a woman, whose soul had been promised to the Ravensmoors centuries past. Kathleen Bennett knew the torment. Dreams filled with the image of blue eyed man, whispering promises that were locked in her heart. A time would come, when the souls of the past would collide….

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