Unexpected Wife

My upcoming release, Unexpected Wife, is being released in September 2009 by Wild Horse Press. Below is an excerpt… Please keep in mind it’s unedited and unproofed.  Enjoy!


Braedan had come home expecting to find his land overgrown and his house falling apart.  Instead, the grass had been freshly cut, the house looked better than it had when he’d gone to prison, and lights were on inside.  Curious, he had stepped in to the scent of apple pie.  Following the smell, he’d found himself staring at a stunning woman in his kitchen, barefoot and baking.

“What in the hell are you doing in my house?” he asked in a gruff voice.

She stared at him, incapable of speaking.  Her hands trembled slightly.

He dropped his bag on the floor.  “I’ll ask you again.  What in the hell are you doing in my house?”

“I, um… I can explain,” she stammered, backing up until she hit the kitchen counter, trying to put some distance between her and this moving mountain of a man.

Braedan stalked into the room.  “So start talking.”

“You see, I thought the house was abandoned and I needed shelter from the storm,” Ainsley said weakly.

Braedan crossed his arms.  “How did you get the utilities on?”

A blush stained her cheeks.  “Well, um, I … I went to the utility office in the town square.”

“And they just let you turn on the power in my house?”

“Not exactly,” she muttered.  Her eyes darted to the door behind him.  She knew she’d never make it.  What was he going to do to her?

“What was that?”

She took a breath.  “I said, not exactly.”

“Then how exactly did you do it?”

Her hands fidgeted with her dress.  “They might, possibly, be under the impression that I’m your, um, your fiancée,” she finished quietly.

He looked thunderstruck.  “My what?”

“Fiancée… they think I’m your fiancée,” she bit out, hating to repeat herself.

He blindly reached for a chair and sank into it, staring at the petite woman in shock.  He rubbed a hand down his face, not sure what to think.  The Martha Stuart of fairies had entered his house, turned it into a home, and now she was telling him the whole town thought they were engaged?

(c)2009, Paige Warren


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