Hello world!

This is my first attempt at blogging.  I’ve seen lots of authors with blogs, but wasn’t brave enough to start one of my own before now.  Although, now that I’m getting one started, I’m a little stumped as to what I should write about. 

I guess I’ll start by telling you a little about myself.  My name is Paige Warren and I’m a published author with Wild Horse Press.  I have two short stories published, one contemporary romance and one erotic romance, with a 3rd being released this September.  I’ve been fortune to find a publishing company that fits my needs and meets my expectations.  The editor I’ve been working with has been great, giving me constructive feedback and working with me to meet deadlines.  I’ve also been pleased with the book covers.

I live in Georgia with my pets.  No husband or kids at the moment.  🙂  I figure the furry babies are easier to deal with when writing than the human variety would be.  I do have a sister who is married and has children so I get to play with her kids whenever I start feeling my biological clock tick.  Then I’m reminded that maybe I’m not so ready after all.

I have a bachelor degree in English.  My family warned me there were only two things I could do with such a degree – write or teach.  I’m totally not teacher material!  Good thing I decided to write instead. 🙂  Of course, I’m still a new author so I’m not making enough to pay the bills.  So far I make enough each month to pay for my cell phone.  I figure as long as I’m paying at least one bill with it, then I’m doing something worthwhile.

Most people don’t become authors to get rich.  If you love to write and think you’re going to make enough money to retire by writing, then you should probably stick with your day job.  Writing is a blast, and it’s fantastic to see your work published and available for sale, but you won’t get rich quick.  It takes time to grow your web presence and grow your fanbase.  It’s something I’m still working on for that matter.

I hope you’ll stop by again next week.  I figure it might take me that long to come up with another blog post. 🙂 I envy those who can blog every day and not run out of things to say.


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